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Beat Making Software Review - Best Beats Making Software

Beat Making Software Review 

Making your own beats doesn't mean that you have to fork out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to secure a recording studio and have a producer mix the beats for you. Beat making software is a dominant player in the recording industry because it allows you to create your own music from the comfort of your own home. With the release of standalone recording software – software that only requires a computer and a MIDI keyboard – all you need is your computer.
Whether you are an aspiring hip-hop producer or you are looking to get into dubstep, beat software such as FL Studio Fruity Edition, Sony Acid and Mixcraft 6 gives you access to thousands of sounds that you can personalize and drop into multiple editing tracks. You can even record your own audio, arrange loops, remix tracks and work with virtual instruments. Some software allows you to create mixes of two or more songs. With multiple ways to export your music, you can put it on a CD or even on your website. For more information about creating music, check out our articles on beat making software.

What Can Beat Making Software Do For You? Continue Read To Find Out What To Look For In Beats Making Software 

Since the introduction of beat software, more and more programs have appeared on the market, which can make it hard to know which one to get. We broke down the most important components of this type of software so that you know what you need to look for.
Having the right interface can help you create a flawless recording. The best beats software has unlimited editing tracks, or editing layers, so you aren't limited by space. Some of the programs we looked at also have a drag-and-drop feature so that you can grab a sound or effect and just drag it onto the editing timeline. Musical typing is something you should look for too, because it turns your keyboard into a virtual piano if you don't have your own MIDI keyboard, which is great if you want to quickly create some beats and mesh sounds.
Sounds & Effects
This is where the software makes or breaks creativity. The best programs we looked at offer more than 2,000 sounds, with an option to adjust each one with effects such as chorus, delay and vocal reduction. Many programs also include virtual instruments, ranging from modeled vintage synthesizers to high quality acoustic instrument samples.
Of all the features of the software we looked at, audio looping is one of the most important. This lets you create a musical loop, probably between one and four bars in length, which repeats itself. This not only gets rid of human error when playing the same part repeatedly, but it can add huge cost savings for your band as well.
Creating amazing beats won't mean anything if you don't have a way to share your music. The best beats software lets you export your music as WAV, MP3 and even FLAC files. If you pick a program that allows for minor video editing, chances are it supports QuickTime formats. We also found some software that come with cloud storage so that you can continually back up your files or upload them directly to the internet.
Help & Support
Beat making software isn't a new technology, but there is a plethora of plugins, buttons and presets that are built in to these programs. We made sure that the software we reviewed gives you access to 24/7 support, downloadable manuals and user forums where you can ask questions of other users. Some software developers have training tutorials on their sites, giving you even more resources to understand how to use these intelligent and extensive programs.
The purpose behind beat making software is to give you the tools to create music with your own computer without any extra hardware. With thousands of sounds and the option to add effects to these sounds – or record your own sounds – you can create anything.


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